Vinhomes Skylake the last opportunity to own lakeside appartments with unique

Vinhomes Skylake is a luxury apartment project of Vingroup located at the intersection of Duong Dinh Nghe Street and Pham Hung Street. With an area of more than 2.3 hectares, Vinhomes Skylake enjoys a total natural campus which is fifteen as large as the project area, including parks, lakes and full facilities. The uniqueness of the apartments in the project is the spacious space with wide view overlooking the lake or the beautiful city. This poetic space makes each apartment look like a superior hotel room. It is easy to understand that a lot people have quickly taken these apartments with outstanding “Sky Lake”.
Vinhomes Skylake apartments are consulted on design by AEDAS – Top 5 design and architecture companies in the world. Vinhomes Skylake apartments are consulted on design by AEDAS – Top 5 design and architecture companies in the world. In order to enhance the connection with nature, loggias of the apartments all have transparent glass, creating an opening for the interior space. Just by lightly opening the door to step out, you will immerse in the cool space of wind, water, the smell of plants around.
At Vinhomes Skylake, the loggia of the apartments are spaciously designed hence you can decorate furniture, plants, flowers vines comfortably. By adding a few candles or shimmering beams, you will have a lovely coffee corner in the middle of the sky.
With the “Sky Garden” design, you can admire the green landscape of parks and artificial lake 19 h.a wide (1.6 times as large as the size of Hoan Kiem lake). Over there, by watching the lake and breathing the cool breeze, you may feel the rare and quiet peace that many luxurious urban areas can not buy.
Especially, if you live in Vinhomes Skylake, you just open the door to the outside. So that, you can relax on the chair floating under the pool, admire the endless blue strip. Therefore, you will always be inspired to live happily every day.
Every morning you wake up and lean against the railing looking down, you will see the happy faces of relatives, neighbors chatting with friends, dating lover, meet partners … at the outdoor bar, café.
In addition,in every afternoon, you can walk in the park, play basketball or even just sit on the bench and enjoy the view.
On cool summer evenings, you can relax on a rocking chair in the “mid-floor garden” and you will get a feeling like you are in front of the Sydney Opera House. Bright lights reflect the water, hitting the sky to create beautiful lights. So impressive!!

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