Skylake Pham Hung – Green urban area of capital

Skylake Pham Hung project, which is as known as model of a miniature city in the heart of Hanoi, will bring a perfect life for Vietnamese family as well as foreigners.

Overview of Vinhomes Skylake Pham Hung
Skylake Pham Hung project  sufficiently  converges  elements of unique green urban area. The project is built on the most favorite position of capital, located on route connecting to arteries with new economic development of city. It is easy to connect to important administrative and political center such as Noi Bai International Airport, My Dinh National stadium, new urban area,etc.
Location on Vinhomes Skylake Pham Hung
Location on Vinhomes Skylake Pham Hung
Skylake Pham Hung is a new project that bring to outstanding values of precious projects, invested by Vingroup. Skylake Pham Hung affirms distinctive beauty which bring to relax space beyond inherent value that customers and investor expect.
Being invested by Vingroup real estate corporation, Skylake Pham Hung project is convergence of leading design unit in creative in domestic and foreign. Vinhomes Skylake brand has caused great attention thanks to regulator lake, green park that create a wonderful space. This green space is also an effective solution to balance ecosystem that regulate climate to ensure health of is designed feng shui  where gather many fortune and be ideal place for all residents.
Amenities in Vinhomes Skylake Pham Hung
Amenities in Vinhomes Skylake Pham Hung
Vingroup is always a perfect brand with completely differentn level in market. It is expected to bring to safe, luxurious and extremely modern life for residents. At the same time, designers and construction professionals are lead prestige units in enhancing quality of service life and utility for residents.

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