Vinhomes Skylake – a “jewel” of Lakeside Properties

Associated with a sense of freshness, purity and freshness, water is always a leading factor in the concept of feng shui. That’s why the Lake neighborhoods are always at the forefront of choosing the habitat of the most knowledgeable and knowledgeable people. Real estate along the lake in countries around the world and in Vietnam so never reduces the attractiveness.
According to the plan, in the next two years, Hanoi will build 25 parks, of which the most notable is the five lakes in Hanoi. Recently, the Park, Lake Cau Giay, was started with an area of 32ha, including 19ha of water surface – 1.6 times larger than the area of Hoan Kiem Lake, expected to complete in the first quarter. 2019. Along with the appearance of this project, the capital’s real estate has been caught up in another focus of attention is Vinhomes Skylake – 3 class apartment building located right next to the park, Paper, owned by Vingroup.

Vinhomes Skylake

Vinhomes Skylake Overview

With this location, each resident of the Vinhomes Skylake naturally enjoys the hundreds of square meters of parkland and waterfront on the porch. Indeed, it is an advantage that few projects at the present time. The inhabitants of Vinhomes Skylake will enjoy not only the fresh air of the regulating lake and the green park but also the immense experience of the large cultural buildings nearby. Typically, the Lotus Theater is located right in the air-conditioned lake park, designed by a team of experts from Australia. The capacity of up to 2000 seats and many interesting areas such as restaurants, cinemas, the office of business start … promises to be the cultural meeting point of the capital.
Vinhomes Skylake Plan
The system of “terrible” internal Vinhomes Skylake with 48 utilities and services class, along with furniture of international brands, also promises to bring life to the right meaning for the owner.

Besides the outstanding advantages of a “super project” lake, the policy of selling with many incentives for investors is also a factor that made Vinhomes Skylake really become “rare” in the eyes of investors. Private real estate. In particular, Vingroup Group is launching a new policy that promises rental income of up to 16% in two years for a three-bedroom apartment. The committed value will be about 40 million VND / unit/month. In case of not participating in the rental program, customers will receive a package of high-end interior decoration worth 300 million VND, along with many attractive interests and other attractive gifts. For 4-bedroom apartments, Vinhomes Skylake is offering a luxury interior decoration package worth VND500 million.
The transfer of apartments in the second quarter of 2019, right after the introduction of the park, Vinhomes Skylake is showing the undue attractiveness of a green real estate project and ” has the “most real estate market in the capital.

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